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Enzymes for Ceramics
Custom E - Cera


Custom Enzymes – CERA is a specifically designed and formulated blend of enzymes for use in the Ceramic Industry. Enzyme-mediated ceramic synthesis employs the use of a new type of processing technique which uses proteins or peptides as mediators.

CUSTOM E CERA forms a ceramic body in the following manner: The method is based on a process in which gelatine-specific enzymes and urea are used. Urea is

employed to prevent attraction between gelatine molecules when the dissolved hot gelatine solution cools down for preparing a well-dispersed suspension by ball milling and degassing at ambient conditions.

After CUSTOM E - CERA is added into the suspension, gelatine molecules attract each other and form a three-dimensional network through hydrogen bonding due to urea decomposition. The slurry containing alumina and gelatine could be consolidated in situ by the above gelation process at room temperature. A green body with a homogeneous microstructure and smooth surface is obtained.

Custom Enzymes – CERA output:


  • Controlled Site-selective synthesis

  • Low-temperature ceramic process

  • Intact combination of ceramic with heat-sensitive materials

Custom E - CERA

Proteins and peptides 

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