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Enzymes For
Animal Feed

Did you know; The addition of enzymes as a supplement to animal feed enhances nutritional value and increases effective digestion, which leads to improved animal growth and performance. (Download our data sheets/PDF's below for more information)

Enzymes For Animal Feed

A selected consortium of Enzymes are in demand due to their ability to improve animal performance and reduce nutritional variation in raw materials. Specifically, protease enzymes have the potential to improve protein digestibility.

Proteases break down complex proteins into shorter proteins, called peptides, and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. They are also capable of taking apart proteins that bind starch within feed ingredients, thus making more of the energy found in starch available to the animal.

Enzymes For Animal Feed

Specialized Enzyme based Formulations to break down Proteins and Carbohydrates for better digestion.

a fresian cow eating grass in a field during sunset
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