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Enzymes Based Formulation For Sugar

An Enzyme-Based Formulation For Cellulosic Sugar/Ethanol

The enzyme formulation BIOCELL has been specifically designed for the extraction of valuable sugars from plant fiber (stalks) that would otherwise go mostly unnoticed and end up as fertilizer or to landfill.


Extraction of these sugars leads to Cellulosic Ethanol or Second-Generation Ethanol which, is a Biofuel produced from cellulose (the stringy fibre of a plant) rather than from the plants seed, fruit or tuber. 


The biological and eco-friendly method to produce ethanol from cellulose is a cellulolytic process that consists of hydrolysis on pre-treated Lignocellulosic materials, (the plants stalks) using a group of enzymes to break complex cellulose into simple sugar, followed by fermentation and distillation into ethanol.


Growth of cellulose by plants is a mechanism that captures and stores solar energy by photosynthesis, in non-toxic ways. Therefore, commercially practical Cellulosic Ethanol is widely viewed as the next level of development for the Biofuel industry that could reduce the demand for oil and gas drilling. 

Cellulosic Ethanol could also avoid one of the problems with today's conventional (Grain-based) Biofuels, as it is seen as competition for grain with food purposes, thus potentially driving up the price of food.  

Cellulase Complex Enzymes

Specialized cellulase complex enzymes formulation for producing fermentable sugars from cellulosic material.

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