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Enzymes For

Enzymes for Insect Repellents

CUSTOM E - BIOREPEL is a tale of two problems both borne from frustration and both deadly to humans although in different ways. It is an organic product with no side effects on trees, animals, or the environment.

The First Deadly Problem: 

Mosquitos exist nearly everywhere on the planet the only exception being Antarctica and they are by far the deadliest creatures to humans. They are responsible for causing around 700 million mosquito-borne illnesses annually which then cause 1,000,000 deaths per year. The reason they are so deadly is that they can transmit viruses or other parasites.

The CDC strongly recommend vector control, which means decreasing contact between humans and disease carriers on an area-by-area basis. The target is to reduce the mosquito population with the use of insecticide-treated nets over beds indoors spraying and larval control. It has been noted that bed nets can cut mortalities by 20% [source: CDC].  Pyrethroids are the current insecticide of choice for this because in the concentrations used, they are generally harmless to adults but can be extremely harmful to cats and fish to a lesser extent dogs.

Pyrethroids break down very quickly in the environment and are especially sensitive to sunlight. They are extracted from certain chrysanthemum flowers and they can be also extremely harmful to beneficial bugs such as bees. Pyrethrum and Pyrethroids are usually not sprayed onto water due to their toxicity to fish, however, they do enter the water in run-off.

The Second Deadly Problem:

For thousands of years, large locust swarms and insects have caused severe problems in agriculture, causing famine and starvation for MILLIONS. People fight against current outbreaks by using chemical pesticides, which may be harmful for humans and non-target species.

CUSTOM ENZYMES have developed a novel formulation that is effective against the desert and migratory locust species and other local insects after a single spray treatment. This herbal organic pesticide can be used as a strong repellent agent against desert and migratory locusts and a wide range of insects such as Mosquitos, Aphids, Beetles, Grasshoppers, etc., without affecting the ecosystem.


Advantages of BIOREPEL include:


Effectively controlling Migratory locusts, Mosquitoes, whiteflies, and insects

• Completely natural and safe

• Enhances the plant internal defence mechanism

• Repels all insects

• It is free from Toxic and solvent residue

• Completely eco - friendly for all kinds of crops

Custom E - BioRepel

Specialized Enzymes based Formulations to repel insects away, especially from crops

four larval grubs sitting on a leaf
a locust sitting on a surface with a blue background
Custom E - PEST

CUSTOM E - PEST is a combination of custom enzymes for use in preventing larvae infestation.

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