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barley or malt in a field

Enzymes For Malt

Enzymes For Malt

To properly understand the challenges facing the modern brewer it is critical to fully appreciate the nature of the raw materials at their disposal and the brewing process.

We at Custom Enzymes have the experience to appreciate why subtle changes in one part of Malting operation changes and raw material constraints will have implications further in its downstream process.

With this insight and understanding and committed service to brewers and Malt extract manufacturers worldwide, we offer Malting solutions, which complement the natural process to produce Malt extract of consistent quality.


Malt extract, also known as extract of malt, is a sweet dietary supplement, used as a nutritional enhancer for children, patients, elderly persons who are often deficient in vitamins and minerals.

Our product range includes various Enzymatic formulations of selected enzymes to enhance process efficiency, clarification process and better Malt extract quality.

Mashing Enzymes for Malt

Enzymes based Formulation for Non Starch Polysaccharide Hydrolysis in Mashing.

close up of a barley stalk
gound and powedered malt
Proteolytic Enzymes for Malt

Proteolytic Enzymes based Formulation used during Mashing.

Enzymes for Malting Processes

Enzymes based Formulation for higher Malt Extraction.

malt seeds being separated from the stalk
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