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Oil Extraction from Seeds and Nuts

Enzyme Formulation for Oil Extraction to Create Essential Oils

Did you know; CUSTOM E - MORINGA is a blend of selected enzymes that breaks down the cell wall polysaccharides in the oil extraction process. 


Custom Enzymes - Moringa is a specially developed organic enzyme that attaches itself to the substrate oilseeds or nuts.

Now imagine that you could mix the enzymes with water during the steaming process and the enzymes will increase your yields from your feedstock. This could be done on a full-scale industrial level or even on your stovetop. 

Benefits of CUSTOM E - MORINGA:
     • Maximises oil recovery

     • The separation of selected components without changing their properties

     • No effect on the final product

     • Extract oil and proteins simultaneously

     • Eliminates the degumming process on extracted oil


Custom Enzymes -Moringa is a multi-purpose enzyme created for use with all types of essential oil extraction, Ideally used in an Aqueous Enzymatic Extraction (AEE) process using both water and enzymes to degrade the cell wall network of the oil-bearing material. AEE is an eco-friendly; alternative process based on the simultaneous isolation of oil and protein from most oilseeds. Traditionally specific different enzymes were needed depending on your oilseed being used, but not anymore. 

Custom enzymes have worked exhaustively with partners to investigate effective oil extraction methods that we continue to explore and grow. So if you have any questions just get in touch with us, we are more than happy to help. 

Blend of Enzymes and Microbial Culture

For Oil Extraction from Seeds and Nuts

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