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Enzyme Based Formulations For Soil Regeneration Without Harsh Persistent Chemicals


Did you know that it only takes half an ounce of glyphosate to sequester one acre's worth of manganese? Farmers typically have used twenty ounces per acre. This has occurred because year after year farmers are having to apply more glyphosate to achieve the same results due to tolerances being built up by the target substrate.

Manganese regulates potassium, and without manganese, flora cannot regulate Nitrogen or Ammonium, leaving them susceptible to disease, viruses and larvae.


The loss of topsoil year on year is a monumental problem we should all be working towards combatting. One of the main causes is erosion from the use of harsh agrochemicals, leading to erosion from water, wind and tillage to this loss resulting in persistent chemicals and pathogens, that have been dormant in the soil for many years are now starting to enter our waterways in the form of run-off. 

Custom Enzymes have developed a formulation that has the capability to digest glyphosate organically and safely break down the bonds it uses to sequester manganese, a vital element in plant health. Our enzymes help release the manganese in the soil that the glyphosate and AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid phytotoxin) have locked away, which means healthier crops, healthier dairy and other animals.

Enzymes are vital activators in the soil and are known to play a substantial role in maintaining soil health and its environment. A unique balance of chemical, physical, and biological (including microbial especially enzyme activities) components contributes to maintaining soil health. Healthy soils are essential for the integrity of terrestrial ecosystems to remain intact or to recover from disturbances, such as drought, climate change, pest infestation, pollution, and human exploitation. 

Pathogens can exist in the soil for long periods without causing an outbreak of disease in plants. Disease outbreaks are either caused by an increase in the population of the pathogen or by an increase in the susceptibility of the plant. The population of the pathogen is dependent on whether the soil conditions are favourable for its growth and survival. One of the main reasons growers face root disease and soil health problems is that the amount of organic matter in their soil has declined to unacceptable levels. 

Enzymes Based Bio-Stimulant Formulations for Soil Regeneration

CUSTOM E - Glypho

Specialized Enzyme based formulation for the removal of glyphosate.

Some young sprouting crops in a compost bed

CUSTOM E- AGRI PGP Soil Enhancement

An enzyme-based formulation for better plant growth development and fertile soil.


Specialized Enzymatic biostimulant formulation to assist in soil remediation.

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