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Organic Biostimulants for Agriculture that Remove the Need for Chemical Fertilisers 

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Turning Waste to Water

About Custom Enzymes

Custom Enzymes partnered with BMD to bring you the latest composting technology.


Our food composter digests all the food waste within 24 hours into liquid grey water—no hassle with solid compost. Just connect our food composter to the existing sewage piping system and your worries about food waste are over.

Crude Oil Spill Test

four test tubes showing different stages of oil removal
Custom Enzymes Products

Welcome to
Custom Enzymes

A leading global supplier of innovative custom enzymatic formulations. Our nature-based solutions allow you to integrate biotechnology into your business that can create an improvement in process and efficiency, increase yields, remove chemicals, and have a positive impact on the environment as we all work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Net-Zero 2050

Regenerating and Sustaining the Future

The Custom Difference 

Custom Enzymes provides you with cutting-edge advanced biostimulant products to help your business succeed, increase efficiencies, and a vast improvement to the bottom line.


Contact us today to find out more. 

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Solution Based

We Provide Customized Solutions for a wide range of applications

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